Intel and AMD both have introduced very powerful processing units which are powering today’s servers. It has always been recommended by software companies to install a single role per server but the new processors have enough power to run multiple roles on them so to follow the recommended one role per server approach we can now virtualize multiple servers on one powerful server and each of them can host one single role. There are many virtualization solutions available today from Microsoft, Citrix, Linux, Red hat, and VMware to name a few. The virtualized server runs as an instance on the physical server and can host any type of software application as a stand-alone server would do. This brings down the total ownership cost as the number of servers needed to be purchased decreases. Also, it is environment friendly as the energy consumed is lesser than the traditional setup. In addition to that, it is easier to manage and occupies lesser space. Do contact us to know how this can help you and your business.

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