Computer Repair & Services

Computer Server Laptop Repair Services Offered:

We provide all kinds of IT repair services for your computers, printers, and networking with a 100% satisfaction guarantee in and around Brampton, ON. Here are some of the computer repair and related services offered:

Bussines Computer Repair & Services

  • Server & Network Upgrade
  • Active Directory & Hosted Exchange
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Services
  • Virtualization
  • VPN & Remote Access
  • Server Backups & Disaster Recovery
  • Firewall Setup
  • Cabling

Residential Computer Repair & Services

  • Windows Repair Installation & Troubleshooting
  • Laptops & Computer Repair
  • Spyware & Virus Removal
  • Computer Upgrades
  • Wireless Network Setup
  • Backup & Restore

Server & Network upgrades:

Our team of certified professionals is here to help you assess your IT needs and suggest the best possible Server and Network upgrade solution matching your budget. Gone are the days when there were multiple physical servers taking care of individual roles and occupying huge spaces. In addition to that, the maintenance costs were higher in such environments. Now it’s the era of Virtual and Cloud technologies where one physical server can have multiple virtual servers installed on it configured for different roles. Not only does this reduces the cost of ownership but also simplifies maintenance and backup tasks. Power saving is another benefit of such infrastructure. We offer various packages to help you upgrade your server and network. We can provide the best prices for all major brand servers. We can visit your company in and around Brampton, ON to assess your current network setup and suggest the best solution to perform network upgrade and server upgrade.

Web development:

Our web developers have expertise in assessing your needs and we will be able to answer any questions you might have about your website. We have an expert Web development and software development team who will be able to suggest to you the kind of domain you need to register, also the level of programming it would require according to your needs. Accordingly, we will recommend the hosting type, Windows or Linux, and the time it will take for the website to be up and running. Delivering quality service on time is our number one priority. Contact us now for all your Web Development needs.

Active Directory & Exchange:

If you have more than 5 employees and you want to share applications and devices like printers, scanners, fax machines, etc then Active directory is a recommended solution for you as it simplifies the task of sharing devices, applications, or resources among users. Also setting up Active Directory gives you granular control over the users and resources and makes it easier to do audits. If you also want to host all your company Emails locally in your office as you don’t want to share your data with any other mail providers then Microsoft has a very powerful messaging solution called Microsoft Exchange. It works very well with Active Directory and provides an integrated interface. Hosted exchange setup allows you to set up user emails, share mailboxes, share calendars, backup emails, and much more. If you do not want to host your email at your location then we can host it on Microsoft Office 365 servers which give you all the great features without having to maintain a hosted exchange server. Contact us for more information and an assessment appointment.


Intel and AMD both have introduced very powerful processing units which are powering today’s servers. It has always been recommended by software companies to install a single role per server but the new processors have enough power to run multiple roles on them so to follow the recommended one role per server approach we can now virtualize multiple servers on one powerful server and each of them can host one single role. There are many virtualization solutions available today from Microsoft, Citrix, Linux, Red hat, and VMware to name a few. The virtualized server runs as an instance on the physical server and can host any type of software application as a stand-alone server would do. This brings down the total ownership cost as the number of servers needed to be purchased decreases. Also, it is environment friendly as the energy consumed is lesser than the traditional setup. In addition to that, it is easier to manage and occupies lesser space. Do contact us to know how this can help you and your business.

VPN & Remote access:

VPN remote access is a solution for enabling remote users access and use the local resources which are in your office. If you have users or employees who are in the field but they need access to emails, applications, devices, etc which are at your office location, Remote access and VPN comes to your rescue. It provides a solid and secure method to allow users to connect to your network remotely over the internet.

Firewall & Security:

Why do we need to do a firewall setup? With the growing demand of IT-enabled services, there is also a rising risk of cyber attacks. As per, the definition of Cyber attack is “an attempt to damage, disrupt, or gain unauthorized access to a computer, computer system, or electronic communications network”. In such a situation, it becomes very important to carefully analyze and implement an active protection system so that our network and systems do not become a target of such attacks. A firewall is a device that actively monitors your internet and local network and blocks any attempt to compromise the security of your infrastructure. Another very important aspect is to install a good Anti-Virus solution so that your computers always remain protected from viruses, malware etc. Our certified professional can sit and discuss the most effective firewall setup and security solution which will fit your needs and budget. Contact us for Firewall setup and configuration.

Printer / Fax / Scanner setup repair:

We can set up your network printers wired or wirelessly. Even if the printer doesn’t support wireless or wired network features, we can make it accessible from the network using various methods tailored to your specific needs.

Virus, Spyware removal – Without data loss*

Despite of all the software available in the market to protect computers from nasty virus infections and spyware, they still manage to get into the computer. This may occur due to user negligence or if the virus security software is not updated daily. Since these anti-virus softwares learn about new threats only through the updated files received from their update servers, it is very important to keep them up to date. We specialize in getting the computer up and running after removing viruses with an emphasis on not losing the data but sometimes if the virus has already damaged the file and no repair is possible then it is not recoverable. If the data is already corrupted to the extent that it cannot be recovered, we will inform you and try to keep the damage to the minimum by recovering whatever we can. Reach out to DM Computers for all your Virus removal services.

Backup & Disaster Recovery:

When the computer parts go bad or they stop working, they can easily be replaced with a new one or can be fixed under warranty for no extra money but what is lost, is the important data. Data loss can happen due to many reasons such as Hardware failure, data corruption, theft, the act of God, virus infection, etc. The computer hardware is replaceable but not the server or computer data so it is critical to plan an effective method to back up all your data. If configured properly, your computer server system can be brought up in no time from the last regular backup. No matter how secure the environment is, always insist on having a good backup solution. Do ask our technicians, your friendly professionals, about the backup solutions meeting your needs.

Windows Repair Reinstall & Setup:

We are trained in recommending, installing, repairing, configuring, and troubleshooting almost all the operating systems and software packages available in the market today including but not limited to Windows 10/8/7/XP, Apple OS, and Linux. Also, if you have a software package that needs installation and configuration, we can help you with it so that not only it is properly installed but also correctly configured to give you that peace of mind. If you have a broken windows installation, we can repair it for you with minimal data loss. Contact us for all your Software and Hardware needs.

Laptop & Desktop Computer Repair:

Do you have a broken or old non-working Laptop Desktop computer? Not to worry, we can repair your old computer and laptop and inject new life into it so that you can use it and love your computer once again the way you used to. You can also use your old repaired computer or laptop as a media player or put it aside and use it as a download station which will download media from the internet and share it among all the devices in your home. We also repair broken laptop parts such as LCD screens, keyboards, CD/DVD drives, hinges, cosmetics, etc. Do contact us for a quick computer repair quote on your broken computer.

Computer optimization & upgrade:

When the computer gradually starts running slow, gives random errors/pop-ups while using applications or the Internet is acting up, then surely something is wrong. This behavior is an indication of low performance than what your computer can actually deliver. We can optimize the performance by providing some quality solutions i.e. Hardware upgrades, and software updates. Using the right mix of computer upgrades, you will not only get a faster computer but also the satisfaction of your money worth spent.

Wireless setup:

Everyone wants a clutter-free area and computer/network cables do not look very appealing in any space. No wonder why wireless technology has picked up such a pace in the past few years. Not only does it give your room that neat and clean look that you always wanted but also gives you more options to organize your computer setup. You don’t have to worry about that internet cable running from the internet device to your computer. Wireless gives you the freedom to put your computer anywhere you like without affecting internet speed. Yes, you can buy wireless adapters to connect wirelessly but how wonderful it will be if all your devices can be connected to wireless anywhere in your home without weakening the signal. Lots of our customers have benefited from the central wireless hub network setup. Do contact us if you are planning to go wireless, we can recommend to you what will be the best option and will also help you set it up at a very reasonable price.


No one would like to have cables running everywhere for connectivity to different devices at different spots in their house. We provide cabling solutions to properly route all the data cables neatly and professionally. Our team is highly trained and experienced to give you peace of mind. No need to dig holes in your walls and/or pin cables on the walls. We have a better solution! Properly routed cables provide long-term reliability as it is easier to figure out which cable is going where and what is the route which also helps in troubleshooting.

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