Backup Restore & Disaster Recovery

Never underestimate the importance of a solid backup and disaster recovery plan. When the computer parts go bad or they stop working, they can easily be replaced with a new one or can be fixed under warranty for no extra money but what is lost, is the important data. In 2019, Facebook lost 90 million in revenue due to a blackout. Data loss can happen due to many reasons such as Hardware failure, data corruption, theft, an act of God, virus infection, etc.

The computer hardware is replaceable but not the server or computer data so it is critical to plan an effective method to back up all your data. If configured properly, your computer server system can be brought up in no time from the last regular backup. No matter how secure the environment is, always insist on having a good backup solution. Do ask our technicians, your friendly professionals, about the backup solutions meeting your needs.

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